About Path to Slender

Slender self-imagePath to Slender is a Membership Site is for people who choose to take simple, responsible steps down a well-established trail which leads to their ideal healthy, slender body. A body that is consistent with their ideal lifestyle and image. It is for people who prefer to not experience the agony and roller-coaster unreliability of “dieting,” exhausting exercise or the dangers of using drugs.

“WILL POWER” is helpful, but NOT REQUIRED! Instead, this program utilizes your inherent

  • creative imagination,
  • autosuggestion and
  • self-image projections

to produce a permanent change, first in the thoughts, then in the physical form of those who implement it. The author originally designed it for his own use to return his body to slender.

Many others have successfully used their own adaptations of these processes to

  • quickly,
  • painlessly and
  • permanently,

transform their bodies–but, more importantly, their minds, to those of a slender person. People who study, then fully implement this program will never again have to endure the torment of forced dieting or dreadful and dangerous forms of fat-burning exercise. Once you become a slender person in your mind, your body will naturally adapt to match that image.

Once you become a slender personThis approach does not require you to “cold-turkey” while you are developing new images and habits. Rather, it enables you to first develop the knowledge, behavior and self-image of a slender person. Once this change is accomplished and sustained, your internal “pressure” changes sides — from strong attractions toward inappropriate foods and portions into heightened appreciation of smaller portions of health-enhancing foods.

The process itself is very simple. The only obstacle one may need to overcome is the inherent human reluctance to establish the new set of daily rituals that deeply implant the new self-image. Fortunately, the steps outlined in this program are very pleasant and relaxing, making it much easier to integrate upgraded habits into your life.

If you are larger, or even thinner, than you feel is appropriate for you, I truly do not know of a more effective, pleasant or permanent approach to molding the “perfect you.”

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